The boss of Tower Knight Archstone.

Knight-like demon, the Penetrator wields a long Penetrating Sword that glows light blue during every blow. An 8-foot tall, agile knight wearing what appears to be a fusion of European and Asian-style armor. It wields a sword which is thin and longer than most lances. Its greaves are very similar to the Gloom Leggings.

Penetrator is the corrupted form of Metas, the knight of the lance, a knight of the round table in Boletaria. Before the scourge, he wielded a straight sword which was longer than most spears and could kill a man with a single thrust. He wields a Demon Soul powered form of the penetrating sword which has been used "to cut down many warriors who attempted to slay the Demon." Penetrator seems to have a hatred of both the Fat Ministers, as he kills one when entering the boss chamber, and Biorr of the Twin Fangs, as he mostly attacks Biorr and ignores the player. As the only one of the Boletarian knights whose fighting style and weaponry does not implicate him as a coward, it is also possible that his fatal flaw, rather than cheap tactics, was his cruelty, depicted via his callous killing of a fellow demon.

Penetrator's Silver demon soul can be crafted into two different weapon buffing spells. Light weapon draws from the power inherent in the sword and cursed weapon draws power from violent acts committed with the sword.

Metas appears later in the level as a black phantom wearing a mixture of fluted chest armor and plate armor for his arms and legs. He wields his penetrating sword in battle. Fluted armor is worn by knights of the Southern kingdom of Latria, but Metas mixes it with armor common to Boletarian soldiers.

The corpse of Metas, carrying his penetrating sword, can be found on the overhang above the gate the fat Minister closes near the rolling, flaming boulders in the Inner Ward.


Metas is Rydell's Son


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