Patches, the Hyena


Patches the Hyena is a thief. He wears black leather armor and wields an Adjudicator's shield and short spear. After encountering him in the cavern of Stonefang Tunnel or behind the sorcerer's altar in the Shrine of Storms, he can then be found in front of the Tower of Latria archstone on the bottom level of the Nexus, where he sells rare items.

He is a mischievous graverobber with a penchant for luring travelers to their deaths in order to loot their corpses. He tricks the player into getting cornered by a bearbug in Stonefang mine, and also kicks the player down a hole in the Shrine of Storms in the hopes of looting their corpse once they die of starvation. He kicks Saint Urbain down that same hole and from that point on is despised by Urbain and his followers. After you survive his trap and confront him, he asks forgiveness of you and attempts to laugh it off as a practical joke.


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