Patches, the Hyena


Patches the Hyena is a merchant and a thief. He wears black leather armor and wields an Adjudicator's shield and short spear. After encountering him in the cavern of Stonefang Tunnel or behind the sorcerer's altar in the Shrine of Storms, where he makes an attempt on the player's life, he can be found in front of the Tower of Latria archstone on the bottom level of the Nexus, where he sells rare, if overpriced, items.

Patches is a mischievous graverobber with a penchant for luring travelers to their deaths in order to loot their corpses. In the Stonefang Mine, Patches tricks the player into getting cornered by a bearbug, taunting the player that even if they kill the beast, the explosion is sure to get them. If the player survives, Patches remarks that the player is no joke.
In higher NG+ cycles, if Patches isn't out of the blast radius, the bearbug explosion can kill him.
In the Shrine of Storms, Patches' handiwork is seen long before he is. The player will encounter Graverobber Blige sitting in a partially flooded cell underground, and upon being freed will explain how he was trapped by Patches before opening his store to sell his wares.
After the Adjudicator fight, the player will find Patches hidden under the stairs behind the Reaper. Leaving an intriguing trail of glowing stones leading behind the stairs, Patches waits for the player beside a large hole, explaining that the pit below contains treasures that are ripe for the taking. As soon as the player gets close enough to the edge, Patches kicks the player squarely in the back, sending them plummeting into the depths to join the likes of Saint Urbain and a nasty Black Phantom. He calls after the player that he is looking forward to stripping the trinkets off the player's corpse, once they've starved to death, of course. His assault on Urbain leads Patches to be despised by Urbain and his followers. Though it seems this revulsion is mutual, as Patches comments on the greediness of the clergy, remarking bitterly that "Praying has not put food in my mouth, nor anyone else's." After you survive his traps and confront him, Patches will condescendingly ask forgiveness of you and attempts to laugh it off as a practical joke to save his own hide.


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