Oolacile was a kingdom that existed in Lordran, in the area now known as Darkroot Garden, about three or four centuries before the events of Dark Souls.

As Dusk, Princess of Oolacile, states, Oolacile was a land of sorceries, but the sorceries featured by Oolacile's Sorcerers were very different. She also states that the lost kingdom has been "reduced to ashes" long ago. This would explain why there's practically nothing left of the Township or the Sanctuary in the present.

Oolacile's fall is mysterious and sinister: in times of peace in the kingdom, Oolacile's inhabitants were convinced by a dark serpent to dig up the grave of the Primeval Man. Then, something happened, and the Primeval Man was transformed into a beast that unleashed the Abyss. The Abyss, corrupted dark, destroyed Oolacile and transformed its inhabitants as well.

Artorias the Abysswalker, in order to hunt Darkwraiths (servants of the Dark) had entered a covenant with an unnamed creature from the Abyss, and received a ring that would allow him to traverse the Abyss unharmed. Naturally, Artorias soon came to Oolacile in hopes of stopping the spread of the Abyss. It is not certain if he knew at the time of the severity of the situation, or of the existence of Manus, but, in the end, he would either never come to face the Father, or would would be defeated by him.

In current day, the Chosen Undead is dragged off to the past by Manus if specific requirements are met, traveling to the land of Oolacile. Approaching the area where Dusk is initially saved, with the Pendant in one's possession, will reveal a shadowy portal.


The Fall of Oolacile

Oolacile is a Reference to the Christian Paradise


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