Once Royal Mistress


Also known as Formal Royal's Wife or Singing Lady. However, it should be noted that the word "Royal" in her name is a translation error from the original localization team; in Japanese her name is written as 元貴婦人 which better translates to "Once Noble Lady".

A female vendor who appears to have endured horrific torture; her face and hands (and likely more under her dress) have been horribly mutilated. In addition her eyes are closed and she bleeds tears indicating she is probably blind. She can be found in a cell in the first area of the Tower of Latria (3-1); listen for the singing to locate her.

This former wife of nobility is also a prisoner in Latria's dungeon, but has much better accommodations than the other prisoners, and despite her dire state she remains polite and friendly to the Player. She has a variety of goods left over from when she was a member of the court and offers to sell them to gain souls with which to maintain her sanity, and her place inside the prison. It is from her that the player learns much of what has transpired in Latria since the coming of the Deep Fog. To pass the time in her cell, and perhaps to attract customers, she sings a haunting melody which can be heard throughout the prison. In the Remake, the song she sings has been changed to Return to Slumber, one of the ending songs from the game.

One of the few coherent prisoners left, she is able to share a good deal of information with the Player. She explains the situation of the prisoners, forced to trade in souls with their captors or risk worse torment, likely being sent up to the torturous hell of the Yellow Monk's experiments. She is also able to tell the Fool's Idol is only a sham creation in the shape of their former Queen, not the real thing, and unable to grant them true salvation. We have no information about her family outside her noble blood, but they are all likely long dead.

The Mistress may also sell the player the Ring of Avarice, a symbol of wealth and debauchery. This further hints at her former class status.


Who Her Husband Was

She is the Former Queen of Latria




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