Old Monk


The original Old Monk was likely nobility of Latria. He was exiled from Latria for unknown reasons and returned with horrible demons in tow. This led to the fall of Latria. The monk is now nothing more than a black phantom controlled by golden robes. From his tower he oversees the conduction of horrific experiments in molding the flesh of humans and beasts alike, creating the various patchwork monstrosities found in 3-2. It is possible that his experiments even preceded his being possessed, leading to his initial banishment.

His collar bears the description: "Head wrappings that were once the golden robe worn by the old master of Latria and eventually took control of the then withered old man. It is whispered that the robe now seeks to summon those who offer their aid, and carrying out its wishes grants them the use of these odd head wrappings. Could the golden garb be seeking out a new vessel to subjugate…?"



Banishment and return


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