Old King Doran


Old King Doran, known in legends as the Last Hero or the Everlasting One, is the founder of Great Boletaria and resides in the royal family mausoleum below the Boletarian Palace. He is a demigod charged with protecting both the royal family and the sword Northern Regalia which is the fusion of the otherworldly swords Demonbrandt and Soulbrandt. It is unknown who forged the Northern Regalia but legends say it was left in the world at the same time as the Old One for malicious purposes.

Old King Doran wears the one-of-a-kind Ancient King's Armor and wields a soul-form version of the Northern Regalia. Once the Mausoleum Key has been obtained from Ostrava, Doran can be found in the first area of the Boletaria Palace behind the Red-eyed knight.

Though Doran wields a version of Northern Regalia, the physical sword was split in two. The white blade Demonbrandt, which "banishes that which befouls man" grows more powerful the purer the soul who wields it and was left behind in the crypt by King Allant. The black blade Soulbrandt, which "banishes man himself" grows more powerful the more demonic the soul who wields it and has not left the hand of King Allant since he gained knowledge of the Soul Arts. A soul-form version of the black blade is later held by the False King Demon doppelganger. If the player proves they are worthy by besting Doran in combat, he will allow them to take the sword Demonbrandt to aid in the quest to defeat King Allant.


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