Old Hero


The boss of Adjudicator Archstone.

A towering hero of legend, partway returned to life by the Old One. Blind, he can only hear the player, making his fight a game of cat and mouse. He wields a massive curved sword made of quartz crystal, the Large Sword of Searching, which can be made from his Demon Soul. His Soul may also be used with Saint Urbain to grant the Miracle Second Chance, which returns the Player to life with 50% health if they receive a normally fatal blow while it is in effect, reflecting the Hero's seeming return to life. However, the Miracle was crafted not according to the pagan religion of the Shadowmen, but as the modern Church's rebuttal to their culture's worship of the dead.

The Old Hero, rather than representing a singular important character, is the ideals of the Shadowmen formed into a Demon by the Fog, blinding raging as he once may have in life. He is interred according to the rites of the Shadowmen, a hero in their culture, lushly decorated and bound in the holy place before their shrine to the Storm King. The Shadowmen treated their dead in a highly ceremonial manner, first having them judged by their God, the Adjudicator, and, if they were deemed a true hero, purifying them with the lightwater in the caves before their final rest. His sword's name also alludes to his status as one who "sought storms", which is why he is so close to where their legendary God was said to preside. Here they believed he would have his chance to, in death, be accepted by the Storm King, as all great heroes in their culture were.


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