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Olaphis was a kingdom that once stood on the land where Drangleic stands now. Like Drangleic, there were other kingdoms that preceded it.

The Kingdom of Olaphis was a land of advanced Sorceries and Pyromancies. It was also the last residence of legendary mage Straid who traveled to Olaphis and developed his own artifacts as well as magics such as Homing Soul Arrow, Soul Bolt, Flame Swathe, and Lingering Flame. Eventually the King of Olaphis grew paranoid and suspicious due to the appearance of the undead curse and began to exile and trap mages. Straid being among the most powerful of them was petrified. As Straid had never shared his sorceries or taken an apprentice his teachings were lost until the Bearer of the Curse found him and reversed his petrification. The King of Olaphis is also believed to be the one responsible for capturing the Varangian Sailors and putting them to work in No-Man's Wharf.


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