Northern Undead Asylum


The Northern Undead Asylum, located in snowy mountains outside Lordran, is where the Undead are being sent.

It is unknown who exiles the Undead, but there is some evidence pointing at the Way of White, Allfather Lloyd's church.

The Chosen Undead's journey begins here, locked away in one of the cells, after being freed by Oscar of Astora.

The Northern Undead Asylum seems to be guarded by the Asylum Demon, who lingers in the ceiling and trapped Oscar of Astora inside a cell from above, leaving him in a dying state.

It is possible to go back to the Asylum later, using the giant crow's nest in Firelink Shrine. In the meantime, the hollows, without the menace of the Asylum Demon, will go out and get torches, and some Black Knights will also arrive at the place, possibly to restore order or to the check up on a locked away prisoner.

Returning to your cell reveals a new item, the Small Doll which is used to enter the Painted World of Ariamis.

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