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The land of Mirrah is known for its knights, but the society is richer than that would imply.

Mirrah is surrounded by enemies, and constantly at war. There is only one way up in Mirrah, to join the Order, and prove yourself in battle. Many are raised to wield a sword from birth. Only those who have distinguished themselves on the battlefield were admitted into the elite ranks of Mirrah's official order of knights. It is common to hear of a peasant's dream of striving for knighthood as an escape from hardship, but who would ever think it possible?

In Mirrah, a land perennially beset by unrest, this shield was a symbol of the great knights' strength and willingness to give their lives for their country. The Knights of Mirrah are expected to fight honorably, with reliance only upon swordsmanship. They only resort to magic the only time they truly need it: to face the magic of an enemy. Magic Barrier is a Miracle that increases one's resistances to the elemental damage. This miracle was common amongst the wizard knights of Mirrah.

In Mirrah, the land of knights, there also exists an order of shadow knights who carry out assassinations in the cover of darkness. Those who fled even the order of shadow knights had rejected all forms of honor, and resorted to unseemly mercenary work. The shadow knights use any means necessary to carry out their orders. They quietly execute unspeakable tasks.

In the old capital of Mirrah, an ancient, well protected spring produces holy water, but the water has been difficult to acquire ever since Mirrah became embroiled in war.

People from Mirrah include: Lucatiel, Aslatiel, Llewellyn, Cale, and Creighton.


Mirrah and Forossa Were at War


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