Mind Flayer


Powerful mages which can move swiftly and cast spells which paralyze. They have the head of an octopus, wear fine robes, and carry a lantern and a bell (which they ring at the first sign of trouble to alert the other guards).

The inhuman guardians of the prison are also powerful mages, it is unknown if they were once human and through their malice and mistreatment of the prisoners transformed, or if the Old Monk brought them to Latria with his Demon horde. Their skin is the same coloration of the large tentacles all throughout the swamp in 3-2 so it is possible they are the offspring of that unseen creature.The guards are easy to spot, clad in robes, carrying a bell, with six tentacles sticking out from their neck and face, and additional tentacles poking out the bottom of and through holes in their robes. When the player encounters a guard it will ring its spell to alert the other guards and attempt to use magic to paralyze the player. If the player is paralyzed the guard will latch onto their head and suck out their brains, killing them.




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