Micolash, Host of the Nightmare


Micolash is a student of the School of Mensis and appears to have played an integral role in the ritual used to beckon the moon and make contact with Mergo. He can be found wandering the halls of Mergo's loft within the Nightmare, amidst many rows of dusty tomes and bloodless corpses, muttering to himself as if lost in an unending stream of thought.

Micolash's title 'Host of the Nightmare' appears to refer to his role in the Mensis ritual. In the Waking World his mummified corpse is found sitting beneath a pool of moonlight slumped forward in a chair and surrounded by what appears to be other mummified members of the School of Mensis. If the Mensis Cages atop their heads was used to channel moonlight 'facilitating contact with the Great Ones of the dream' as the description suggests, then it seems likely that Micolash was the focal point of which the moonlight was channeled, and that it was through his 'hosting' that Mensis gained access to the Nightmare. Perhaps, and this is mere speculation, Micolash is the reason the Lecture Building is adrift in the Nightmare acting as a bridge between the Waking World and the Nightmare dreamlands. Micolash's seemingly key role in the ritual may be why he is the only scholar who retained his mental faculties after the ritual was conducted. The other scholars of Mensis all seem to have lost their minds, along with their lives, in the result of the ritual (gaining audience with Mergo) and Micolash is the sole exception to this.

Before becoming a member of and possibly founding the School of Mensis (considering his integral role in its greatest ritual) Micolash was evidently a member of Byrgenwerth under Willem. The uniform he wears is that of a student of Byrgenwerth, with the graduation cape on, indicating his ties to the institution. This makes sense, since the Church is confirmed to have its roots in Byrgenwerth, beginning with Laurence who was also a student there and playing host to the School of Mensis as one of the two institutions in the upper echelons of the Church (as the upper cathedral key description confirms). Micolash's connection to Byrgenwerth explains his seemingly profound knowledge of the world's mysteries. As he is fought, he will exclaim various bits of key information that at first may seem disjointed but are almost certainly linked. He begins by addressing Kos, a Great One whose corpse washed up on the coast of a Fishing Hamlet during the days of Byrgenwerth and was studied by the students there. He knows about the result of the study of Kos, the vacuous Rom and one of the greatest secrets of Byrgenwerth. Finally, he almost directly quotes the philosophy of Willem, praying to Kos that he and his colleagues might be granted eyes, to be planted on their brains so that they might expand the limits of human intellect 'cleansing them of their beastly idiocy'. These words exactly echo the epiphany and ultimate driving force behind Willem's research:

At Byrgenwerth, Master Willem had an epiphany:
"We are thinking on the basest of planes. What we need, are
more eyes.".
- Great Ones Wisdom description

Eye symbolizes the truth Master Willem sought in his
research. Disillusioned by the limits of human intellect,
Master Willem looked to beings from higher planes for
guidance, and sought to line his brain with eyes in order to
elevate his thoughts.
- Eye rune description


Provost Willem sought the Cord in order to elevate his being
and thoughts to those of a Great One, by lining his brain
with eyes.
- Third Umbilical Cord (Iosefka) description

It would seem that Micolash's primary goal is towards the end of expanding the limits of human intellect, especially his own. He seeks to be in communion with the Great Ones, “chatting” with them about new ideas, about the secrets of the universe. He is a scholar and learner, absolutely motivated by the pursuit of knowledge. Despite the pyrrhic victory of the Mensis ritual, Micolash will not abandon the dream, he will not wake up, he will continue running head long into whatever secrets he can discover from within the unending swirling and churning of the Nightmare.


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