Maughlin, the Armourer


Maughlin is a merchant in Majula, hailing from the distant western land of Volgen. He travels from land to land selling his wares. However, as a result of his failing business, he has drifted into depression.

Maughlin was originally disenchanted with the desolation of Drangleic when he first arrived, but when business begins to pick up he starts to show his avarice. Maughlin explains that he was an unsuccessful merchant back at Volgen, and that it was impossible for him to get off the ground because a group calling themselves the Blue Sentinels won't allow anyone to trade without paying them first. He expresses his outrage at the Blue Sentinels, condemning their claims to be serving the greater good as "absolute hogwash".

If the Player spends enough souls at Maughlin's shop he will eventually start to go hollow. He will become fixated on how much he has earned, stating that he is rich, and find it difficult to remember who the Player is. He will also become increasingly arrogant the more you spend at his shop.

When aggroed, Maughlin will attack the Player with a falchion.


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