Manscorpion Tark


Manscorpion Tark explains that he and Najka were created by their master, who has long since disappeared. This implies that Tark and Najka are the result of experiments, similar to the Duke's Dear Freja, possibly sharing the same creator.

Tark was born of the misdeeds of an ancient being. He and Scorpioness Najka, once had a master who created them both long, long ago, so long ago that nobody now remembers when they were born or where their master has gone. Both Tark and Najka were human once and betrothed to each other. They would always be found at each other’s side, but as time went on, things went awry. Najka was a frail soul, and she soon succumbed to madness. She became violent, raging uncontrollably. Eventually, she came after Tark, and they have been locked in combat ever since. Tark asks that you help him kill his betrothed. The wounds they exchange are never lethal and they are at a standstill, waiting for someone to tip the scales.

Tark does not appear to know any sorcery or magic and instead relies on his stinger in combat. He will grant the player this weapon, which inflicts heavy poison damage, after they have defeated Scorpioness Najka, almost as if he does not need it anymore.

It is possible that Tark and Najka’s master was Seath the Scaleless himself. Their master was born with a fatal flaw. He resented those who had what he lacked, and became fully mired in hatred because of it. He was a tragically lonely soul, and this solitude eroded his very reason. Eventually, his desire and hatred drove him mad. It was at the peak of this madness that he created Tark and Najka. But, in the end, he never understood what it was that he truly lacked.

While their master may have been Seath, it is interesting to note that Seath’s creations often related to crystallisation or rebirth. Seath sought the scales of his everlasting brethren for himself so that he might gain immortality. He was born with a fatal flaw, and resented those who had what he lacked, eventually driving himself mad. In many ways the story of Tark and Najka’s master connects with that of Seath. However, the existence and attributes of Tark and Najka themselves seems to indicate that they were created by a different hand. Neither of them are related to crystals, and while Najka may somehow be construed as having a relation to the Piasca or rebirth because she is a woman, her fate seems very different. What is very interesting about Tark’s dialogue is that he speaks of his master as a tragically lonely figure. We know that Seath (apart from his Channelers) likely was a tragically lonely figure, but this hardly seems to be something that defines him. The loneliness and solitude of their master is clearly linked to the erosion of his reason, so it seems that what their master lacked, was companionship. This observation becomes more striking when we realise that Tark and Najka were betrothed. They were most certainly a couple who were romantically involved, and their master was tragically lonely, mired in solitude. With these connections, it seems possible if not likely, that their master was simply another form of Seath’s soul, who was obsessed with companionship. Whatever the case, Tark will tell us that we have defeated their master after killing the Duke’s Dear Freja, but end on the ominous note that their master never dies, only changes form, so that he may seethe for all eternity.


Tark and Najka are Creations of Seath

Tark is Black Iron Tarkus and Najka his Companion.




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