The boss of Fool's Idol Archstone.

Twin demons who reside high above the Fool's Idol Archstone. They are chimaera-like beasts in appearance, with the body of a beast, bat wings, a serpent in place of a tail, and a vaguely human head with luminous green eyes.

These abominations are creations of the Old Monk, with the gray face of a man, a large muscular body, wings capable of limited flight, and the tail of a serpent. There are scorch marks where the wings and snake connect to the main body as if they were fused on. What is interesting is the Maneater has the exact same head as the Face Bugs, is that because the human head has been fused onto the body or is that a physical manifestation of the human souls that are used to create his creatures?

The serpent appears to act independently of the main body and will occasionally fire a trio of soul arrows at the player or bite the main body of the Maneater. When bitten by its tail, the Maneater will vomit, writhe in pain, and be temporarily stunned. If the player does not strike before the Maneater recovers it will gain a large, temporary boost of power from the bite indicated by a yellow aura on its body. If the player cuts off the tail of the Maneater, it will no longer be tormented by the serpent. The Maneater are tasked with guarding the final hallway which leads up to the throne room in the Old Monk's tower. Maneater may not refer to the main creature's hunger for human flesh, but of the serpent tail's dark, parasitic nature with the main body.

Just beyond the fog gate is the only corpse in the game which possesses two souls, this seems to indicate that it is somehow connected to Maneater. One theory is that soul used to create Maneater is that of a conjoined twin, possibly of the parasitic twin type. Another theory is that the original intent was to have a trio of Maneater, and the corpse beyond the fog gate represents the failed third Maneater.

From the Maneater's mixed Demon Soul the weapon Needle of Eternal Agony can be forged. The weapon has a long, curved, barbed needle that when hooked into the flesh of a creature siphons away a small piece of its soul.


Title of theory.


Needle of Eternal Agony
A large, curved needle with barbed stingers.
This weapon was forged from the Soul of the Demon "Maneater." It stabs its target, hooks into the flesh, and slowly grinds away at the Soul.
Could it symbolize the relationship between the host and snake within the Maneater?

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