Malik Khal


Malik Khal is a Wraith and Sacrifices were made in an attempt to end Malik Khal's curse according to Bol the Shade.

Prior to Proud Lathyrus falling into ruin, Malik Khal began the legacy of pain and undeath through his curse. One by one men fell to the curse and became Shade's.

In an effort to stop the curse; Malik sacrificed a child to Riak, who was the eldest of the Elder Dark in exchange for a relic which could allow for an end to the curse; but something went wrong and Malik never returned to cure the curse of undeath.

It is later revealed by Malik Khal himself that despite breaking his own heart in doing so and citing that there was no choice to do so - He sacrificed Ishra in the hope that her death would save thousands.

He states that the child sacrificed was Ishra who was the daughter of Amara and in return Riak gifted him the Umbral Veil.

Malik Khal states that he carried the Umbral Veil to the deepest corners of the land and it permeated his soul and whispered to him of a power to put an end to death and put the darkness at bay.

The Shadow of the Ashen pried the Veil from his hands and banished him to walk in the dark, but later, the Umbral Veil would corrupt the Shadow of the Ashen and curse everyone.

He claims Ishra gave him her doll.


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