Magerold, of Lanafir


Magerold is treasure hunter who makes his living as a merchant on the side. He is from the land of Lanafir, the farthest land to the south. Lanafir follows a strict policy of isolationism and because of this appears to have some quite peculiar views on things. The eagle, usually a symbol of strength outside of Lanafir, is viewed as a symbol of wealth within. Also, to Lanafirians, the color blue represents knowledge. Whether or not this has ties to the Blue Sentinels or Way of Blue is unknown, but unlikely. While Lanafir is strictly isolated, it has had conflict. Blue-eyed Durgo and his brother-in-law defended their homeland of Lanafir against aggressors. Who these aggressors were is not known, but the victory appears to have been so momentous that Durgo became a hero, well known even beyond Lanafir’s borders. The monocle seems to be a common accessory in Lanafir, as we find it on both the Travelling Set and Durgo’s Hat. It may also be that those from Lanafir are familiar with the ways and uses of spices and incenses, as Magerold, the only Lanafirian we meet is the only one capable of using them.

As the Travelling Set indicates, the rare visitors from Lanafir are always a little odd and Magerold is no exception. He appears to have come to Drangleic on a treasure hunt (interestingly the same vocation that Mild-Mannered Pate tells us), to comb the land for “goodies” and so forth. Beneath his cheerful demeanour there is a keen interest in the dragons and especially the shrine built on the eastern edge of Drangleic to honor them. It may be that hearing of this shrine is what convinced him to come to Drangleic as he expresses strong frustration that he can’t find a way into it. When the player brings a Petrified Egg (aka a dragon egg), Magerold will beg the player to give it to him. If done, Magerold will become the covenant leader for the Dragon Remnants covenant, a covenant previously run by the Stone Dragon of Ash Lake in Lordran. Either Magerold has a keen obsession with dragons, and is just ‘winging it’ when it, or there is more to him than he lets on.

Magerold will sell the player a great range of items, and his stock fills with boss armors mainly associated with the Brume Tower DLC (though he also stocks Dragonrider armor eventually). This is likely because he truly is a scavenger who roams about, looking for a find and grabbing whatever takes his fancy. He will give the player an account of what happened to the Iron Keep, that it was too heavy and sank into the ground, then the earth spouted fire, which we know is not true. Who told him this story is never revealed. We know that Magerold has had contact with Benhart of Jugo, as he will comment on the veracity of his Bluemoon Greatsword, pointing out that he thinks it is a fake.

It is interesting to note the contrasts between Magerold of Lanafir and Domhnall of Zena. Both lands are strange in their beliefs. The armor we see in game for Lanafir and Zena both have representations on them with specific meanings. Both these men are travelling merchants who scavenge. Both of them sit in the same pose. Both of them also make references to the Dragon Remnants Covenant. Domhnall will tell the player that a coterie of undead serve an Ancient Dragon survivor, while Magerold is more outright in his talk of dragons. It therefore seems likely that From Software decided to create Magerold with Domhnall in mind.

When provoked, he will use a Scythe and the Large Leather Shield to retaliate.


Magerold of Lanafir is Jester Thomas.




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