Ludwig, the Accursed/Holy Blade


Ludwig was the first hunter of the Church, known as the 'Holy Blade', and a man emulating the heroes from an age of honor and chivalry.

We do not know of Ludwig prior to his role as the first hunter of the Healing Church. It may be that he was a scholar at Byrgenwerth, or perhaps a hunter under Gehrman. Gehrman certainly knows of Ludwig, mentioning him by name in his dialogue. Ludwig's appearance in the history of Yharnam and the Church marks a departure in the way the Church dealt with the Scourge of the Beast. The first hunter's under Gehrman focused on engaging beasts with speed, based upon the fighting style of their instructor. This focus on speed and dexterity meant that weapons like the Burial Blade, Blades of Mercy and Rakuyo were favoured by those who engaged in the hunt. Each of these weapons requires great skill from the wielder and would have required extensive training in order to utilize them effectively against the beastly threat. But while these methods were effective, it would only take one beast, with one lucky hit, to end the life of these hunters who had poured so much of their time into honing their skill. Not only was this a very real threat, but as the scourge of the beast got worse and the beasts became larger, the Healing Church had to change their strategy to match the conditions. To enable them to work and forge weapons capable of countering the larger beasts, the Healing Church created a unique workshop; a massive circular tower adjunct to the old workshop, Oedon Chapel and the Upper Cathedral Ward. In the time of Ludwig the Church supported the role of the hunter, forging their weaponry and attire, perhaps providing training and a safe haven in which to rest.

"The Healing Church, and the Blood Ministers who belong to it…were once guardians of the hunters, in the times of the hunter…Ludwig. They worked, and forged weapons, in their unique workshop."
- Gehrman, the First Hunter

The Church's Departure

The Blade and the Rune

The Holy Blades and Ludwig's Fate


Ludwig found the Holy Moonlight Sword while prospecting in the Chalice Dungeons ("tombs of the gods")




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