Lords of Cinder

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The Lords of Cinder are all heroes who have linked the First Flame and prolonged the Age of Fire, rather than become Dark Lords.

They are beings who have linked the Fire in a past age, restoring the power of flame and becoming powerful ashen lords. The original Lord of Cinder was Gwyn, who connected his soul to the flame, and began the never-ending cycle of Disparity, Light, and Dark. within the world. The Chosen Undead from Anor Londo rose to become a Lord, and so did the Bearer of the Curse from Drangleic, a land known for the Legend of the Linking of the Fire. The Lords, who have abandoned their thrones, used their souls of ash and cinder as kindling for the Fire, to reenact the first linking.

There are five Lords of Cinder:


Where the Lords Come From

The Lords Represent the Five Stages of Grief and Loss

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