Llewellyn, the Royal Blacksmith

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Llewellyn was a master blacksmith from Mirrah. He was offered a lifetime contract at whatever cost, by Chancellor Wellager on behalf of King Vendrick, in order to introduce a rare alloy called "geisteel" (which was only found in Mirrah at the time) into Drangleic.

Llewellyn accepted this offer. He traveled to Drangleic and became Drangleic Castle's resident master smith. For his journey, he brought along two examples of his works that are considered masterpieces. The first was a small shield simply called the Llewellyn Shield, and the second was a thrusting sword called "Espada Ropera" (Espada meaning "Sword" in Spanish). Both of these weapons were forged with rare geisteel. It is likely he brought them along to prove his skill and as examples of geisteel equipment. Both articles were gifted, and we know that the Espada Ropera was given to Chancellor Wellager.

Upon reaching Drangleic Llewellyn began forging weaponry for the king. Whether or not he was hired during Vendrick's war against the giants or at a time of peace is unclear. Llewellyn created equipment for the royal soldiers of Drangleic, and it is likely that he also created equipment for the Royal Swordsmen of Drangleic as their armor is stripped of ornamentation and designed strictly for battle.

It is known that the Llewellyn set was only created for a select few and that Chancellor Wellager received an issue of it as he is seen wearing it.

Llewellyn was known for creating work that lacked any ostentation. Llewellyn focused solely on an economy of simplicity and strength.


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