Lizaia of Istarel

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One of the high-ranked knights of the Church which ventured to the Valley of Defilement. It is unknown whether Risaie accompanied Astraea on her pilgrimage or if Risaie arrived after the coming of the Deep Fog when rumors spread that Astraea had become a Demon. The weapon Risaie carries is Istarelle which means "instrument of Istarel" and is likely named for Risaie's home town / kingdom. Istarelle is a short spear of hard oak covered with engravings that is one of the few Revelations from God. Its holy power protects the wielder from poison and plague. The weapon is found stuck in the ground, absent corpse, surrounded by 3 Giant Depraved Ones. It is believed Risaie was defeated and the corpse fell down into the Leechmonger chamber below.


Title of theory.


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