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Lindelt is a land with an unspecified whereabouts in game. It is possible that it used to exist in the same place as Drangleic does today because of the whereabouts of places like Shulva (where Lindelt originated from) and the Shrine of Amana (which has many Lindelt clerics), but this is unlikely due to Licia’s dialogue stating she must fight the urge to go back home and item descriptions that explain how Lindelt ascetics are sent to distant lands for proselytizing and self-training, which would explain at least the pretext of Licia’s presence in Drangleic.

Though its actual whereabouts is not revealed, we do know more about Lindelt than many other lands mentioned in game. Lindelt was founded by the Archdrake Sect and known for its clerics and their miracles. It is governed by stringent laws and those who dare defy them are punished without mercy. The great House Osteria may play a part in the rulership of the “sacred land of Lindelt”. The Ring of Restoration, a protective ring passed down in the House symbolizes prosperity and longevity for Osteria. The ring itself breaks easily, as if it hates being taken for granted. This line may be indicative of the general attitude of the House in its role of leadership within Lindelt.

Lindelt is home to many clerics and ascetics. From what we know of its stringent laws and way of life, it is little wonder the land has a focus on self-denial. This way of life is apparently lauded in Lindelt as inhabitants and ascetics are often sent to distant lands for proselytizing and self-training. However, many of them decide not to return and instead liberate themselves from Lindelt’s teachings in the process, likely after they realize that the situation in Lindelt is less than favorable compared with that of other lands.

The clerics of Lindelt are often resolute knights who fight on the front lines. There is a story passed down through the generations claiming this band of knights once felled a poisonous dragon which menaced an entire nation. However, while this does seem to indicate Lindelt was founded by the Drakeblood Knights, it would seem more likely that this story was started as a lie to cover up the truth of the land’s origins (based upon further item descriptions). One notable cleric of Lindelt is Cleric Forsalle. Forsalle was a master of miracles who fought battles across the lands. His allies called him a holy knight, but his enemies feared him for his ‘demonic powers’. This clearly indicates that Lindelt fought battles against other lands, though who they fought is unknown. There is a line of eventually unused content that states: “though little is truly known about the order [of Lindelt], it is said that their well-honed miracles and unwavering loyalty in the face of death made Lindelt worthy rivals to Drangleic in their day”. Clerics fought with sacred chimes common in Lindelt that serve as catalysts for both miracles and hexes. This then may be an answer to why the enemies of Forsalle regarded some of his skill as ‘demonic’ (considering the general attitude towards hexes found throughout the lands). The clerics of Lindelt too are governed by its stringent laws. Clerics who are ostracized by Lindelt are often good-for-nothings, but among them are powerful spell casters who represent real threats to the establishment. It is likely then that Lindelt exercises its authority unjustly to rid itself of any clerics who might rise too high and challenge the established order.

The land is also home to sages. One notable sage is Ivory Rhones who created the Ring of Soul Protection. Ivory clearly held a teaching position in Lindelt as we know that her students created the Ring of Life Protection, a less powerful but almost equally useful ring. This fact gives us a further clue as to the nature of Lindelt’s society.

Within Lindelt is the Archdrake Sect. Little is known about the sect and its ancient rituals, and those who dare to indulge their curiosity have been known to simply vanish. The Archdrake sect are the keepers of Lindelt’s histories, including the only record of its foundation, “a tome they have good reason to keep hidden away”.

The Archdrake Sect rules Lindelt from the Lindelt Monastery, a place that once held the miracles of Gwynevere, Queen of Sunlight; Bountiful Sunlight and Soothing Sunlight. These miracles were stolen from the Monastery, and somehow ended up in the possession of Licia of Lindelt and Blue Sentinel Targray, seriously implicating Licia in the crime. The Monastery appears to be a place in which the ancient miracles are venerated. Many reconstructed ancient ceremonies are carried out in the monastery of Lindelt, and it is now known as the “new home of miracles”. One such ceremony led to the creation (or re-creation) of the Monastery Charms. Those at the Monastery also re-created the garments of the Painting Guardians for the Painting of Ariamis in Anor Londo. The purity of these garments is said to neatly symbolize the fraudulence found at the very heart of the monastery. Those who serve the Lindelt Monastery wilfully adhere to strict commandments, though the miracle of Unveil senses traitors and was created to castigate those who ignore the ‘righteous teachings’.

As mentioned earlier, the Archdrake Sect and its Monastery carry fraudulence at their very heart. It is often the sinful who seek piety, spurred only by a selfish desire for salvation. In any town there will be a few folk with unusual urges. They either endeavor to resist these urges, or act upon them out of the view of others. Sorcery is believed to be a profane practice in Lindelt, yet the Archdrake Sect has clearly explored its power using the Archdrake Staff, a catalyst for sorceries and hexes. The Archdrake Sect also created a chime that channels both miracles and hexes. Use of sorceries and hexes is likely forbidden in the land and those of the general populace caught practicing them are punished without mercy, a clear display of hypocrisy and cruelty.

The secrets of Lindelt rituals are protected by the Archdrake sect and only a select few are given access to their canon of knowledge, which includes the truthful origins of the Archdrake sect itself. The truth about the Archdrake Sect appears to be the root of their fraud. Their shields are engraved with a slumbering dragon entirely for ritual purposes, as the shield without the dragon is still highly functional. The Archdrake Shield appears to be the standard issue for clerics of the sect, whereas the Slumbering Dragon Shield may be given to those higher ranked “select few” who are given access to the sect’s canon of knowledge for the purpose of carrying out covert rituals. The shield itself is a very strong hint as to the origins of the Archdrake sect and therefore Lindelt itself. This hint is all but confirmed in the description: “the fools who woke the slumbering dragon earned not only its ire, but also the destruction of an entire country. The survivors buried their wrongdoings in the past, and in a show of terrible conceit, attempted to make amends by carrying on the knowledge of the wasted land”. This clearly indicates that Lindelt was founded by the survivors of Shulva and Sinh’s poisonous mire.

So what became of Lindelt? It is possible the land was overtaken by the curse, as so many others have been before. This would explain why Lindelt clerics are found in Drangleic, as those who come to Drangleic do so in an attempt to cure the curse. However, while this may be likely, it is admittedly true that there could be a number of reasons for their presence there. We also must take into account Licia’s line that she must fight the urge to go home, for if Lindelt had fallen to the curse, would there be a home to go back to? It then seems likely that Lindelt still stands today, though in what condition is unclear.

In summary, Lindelt was founded by the Archdrake Sect. This sect either survived Shulva and was carried on by the survivors or was created by the survivors (displaying their hypocrisy). The Sect controls Lindelt with stringent laws and those who break them are punished without mercy, likely by being ostracized. This would give them a pretext to send away any who disagreed with the laws and ultimately control the land efficiently. The Sect rules Lindelt (perhaps with the help of House Osteria) from its Monastery. This Monastery is home to many re-created ancient miracles and rituals and seems to be the “Aldia’s Manor” of Lindelt, where experiments are carried out likely for the acquisition of power. These things may be done for the purpose of conquering other lands through the power of Lindelt’s cleric knights, though what the true motivation behind it cannot be known for sure.


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