A man wearing plate-armor who you can encounter at Dreg Heap. He wields the Splitleaf Greatsword.

He states that he's an amnesiac hollow and calls himself "Lapp." He cannot remember his true name, or what he lived for. That's what brought him to his current location, where he is searching for the Purging Monument. Once the player has found the Purging Monument, they can go tell Lapp and he will thank the player. He also promises to remember the player as a friend, no matter what. After this, the player can find Lapp sitting at a grave site and promising the player will find treasure if they peep past the broken staircase. If the player does this, Lapp will then kick the player down onto the bottom of the staircase and remove his helmet, revealing himself to be Patches.

Lapp makes his way around the Dreg Heap and Ringed City as you progress as well. Within the Earthen Peak Ruins, he can be summoned for the Demon Prince fight. He can also be summoned for the Halflight fight.


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