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Lanafir is the farthest land to the south that follows a strict edict of isolationism, likely bordered by Melfia to the north (though still south of Drangleic). The rare travellers from Lanafir are always a little odd. In Lanafir the eagle is a symbol of wealth, whereas it is normally a symbol of strength elsewhere and the color blue represents knowledge. It is interesting then that the most famous hero of Lanafir, well known even beyond its domain, is Blue-eyed Durgo. Durgo wore a monocled hat and along with his brother-in-law, he defended Lanafir from aggressors. It may be that these events were the founding of Lanafir as it is today for in them we see the root of two cultural trends. First is the aforementioned focus on the fact that Durgo had blue eyes. It may be that these eyes were so notable because Durgo became synonymous with knowledge. As well as this, Durgo’s hat is described as monocled, which we can see is a feature of the traveling merchants of the land.

Durgo defended Lanafir from aggressors, but who are the enemies of Lanafir? The most likely candidate would be Melfia due to its proximity. Melfia is a land where Pyromancy and Sorcery are deeply valued. Why it would attempt to conquer Lanafir though is unclear. It may be that those who established Melfia (after being put into boats by the Flexile Sentry of Drangleic and sent out to sea to die) originally wished to settle in Lanafir, but were beaten back by the land’s defenders. This mention of aggressors is perhaps why Lanafir adopted a policy of isolationism, in an effort to defend itself by remaining shrouded in mystery.

The land of Lanafir is known for Durgo, but the only character we meet from Lanafir is Magerold (though it could be argued we ‘meet’ with Durgo too, outside the Throne of Want as a red phantom). Magerold tells us very little if nothing about his land, though he may give us clues (if his personality is not entirely atypical). First is his obsession with dragons. This does seem more particular to Magerold, and is perhaps his entire reason for coming to Drangleic. However it does indicate that Lanafir has some cultural history with dragons, though what role they played in Lanafir’s history is not known. Magerold is also the only NPC in game who is able to manipulate skeptic’s and simpleton’s spices. This again may be a skill particular to him, though if it is not it may indicate certain possibilities about Lanafir. Perhaps the use of these spices is only found in Lanafir. If this is the case, then it may be that Lanafir is the only land that rejects both religion and the study of souls. This would make Lanafir a very peculiar land indeed.


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