Laddersmith Gilligan


Laddersmith Gilligan is a trader and thief from Volgen. He was notorious in his home town, in which Blacksmith Lenigrast also lived, for being greedy. He came to Drangleic on the run from people that were out for his life. He ended up being captured by followers of Mytha, the Baneful Queen and forced to work in Harvest Valley. He managed to escape from his imprisonment, and when the Player first encounters him in the Earthern Peak he is again hiding out.

After Earthern Peak he will travel to Majula, where he loans the Player his ladders in exchange for souls. He also sells various other items for souls, mostly associated with thievery (such as the thief set and lacerating knives).

When aggroed Laddersmith Gilligan will attack the player with two Melu Scimitars (even if he has given one to the Player).


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