Knight Lautrec of Carim


Knight Lautrec of Carim, also known as Lautrec the Embraced or Lautrec the Guilty when invading.

He is a knight from Carim and a devout follower of the goddess Fina. His Ring of Favor and Protection he wears symbolises the favor and protection of the goddess Fina, known in legend to possess fateful beauty

His various pieces of armor, the [Favor Set] explain that during his solitude, he forsook everything, for he believed in the goddess's love for him. The goddess's arms wrap around [the amor], as if to embrace the wearer.

Lautrec was locked in a cell located on the upper floor of the Undead Parish Church. If the chosen Undead frees him, he will assist the Undead in fighting the Belfry Gargoyles on the roof of the church and the Gaping Dragon in The Depths. Even if the Undead does not release him, Lautrec finds his way to Firelink Shrine after the Belfry Gargoyles are vanquished, but will refuse to talk to the player if they talked to him without releasing him from his cell.

Lautrec will kill Anastacia of Astora, the Fire Keeper of Firelink Shrine after the chosen Undead rings both Bells of Awakening. The player must hunt him down, invading his world, and defeat him to win back the Fire Keeper's soul to restore Anastacia to life.

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