Iosefka's Clinic

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Iosefka's Clinic is where the Hunter wakes up at the beginning of the game. The clinic appears to be abandoned and a door is locked at one end of the room. After entering the Hunter's Dream, or dying for the first time, Iosefka will also lock the door to the room where the Hunter woke up. She will speak to the Hunter if the door is approached. Iosefka's Clinic can also be accessed through a back entrance, indirectly connected to the Forbidden Woods.

A staircase branches off to the upstairs of the Clinic, where Iosefka can be found. Going upstairs before fighting Rom will lead to a fight with Iosefka, and as a result, she will drop a rune; if Iosefka is encountered after the Rom bossfight, she can be found on the gurney. By killing Iosefka in this situation, she will drop a piece of Umbilical Cord.


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