Housekeeper Milibeth


Milibeth is a housemaid who lives with the three old Firekeepers in Things Betwixt. Milibeth cares for the elderly sisters and handles the chores and housework, a role fulfilled by many generations of her maternal ancestors before her.

Milibeth is a handmaid to the retired Fire Keepers and housekeeper living in Things Betwixt. She is there to look after the retired Fire Keepers; Strowen, Morrel and Griant. She inherited this role, as it is what her mother did and her mother before her, and so on. If the player manages to kill the two Ogres down by the beach in Things Betwixt, she will reward them with the Handmaid’s Ladle, which is an ordinary kitchen ladle (reflecting her role). She appears to have ventured out of Things Betwixt as she will comment that Drangleic is a lost decayed kingdom, beset by hollows and that the fire shows signs of fading. It is interesting to note that like Drummond, Milibeth shows absolute fealty to the kingdom of Drangleic in inheriting the role that her ancestors have played before her.

It is likely that long ago in Drangleic's history (perhaps when the Emerald Herald was created), the Fire Keepers were retired and relieved of their duties, most probably by Vendrick or Aldia. At this time Milibeth's ancestor would have been given the role as caregiver to these retired Fire Keepers, which reflects the respect and honor given to them in their retirement. It is most probable that these Fire Keepers retired when the Emerald Herald took on the role of Fire Keeper in an attempt to break the Curse, but the game is never so specific.

When aggroed Milibeth will attack you with her trusty ladle.


Title of theory.



Handmaid's Ladle
An ordinary kitchen ladle.
He who chooses this as a weapon either faces extenuating circumstances or has an odd sense of humor. If you care for your life, leave this one in the kitchen.


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