High Wall of Lothric


"The birthplace of the former kings of kindling, it is spread out as though in a heap."

The High Wall of Lothric hasn’t always been there, and doesn’t seem to have been constructed through normal means. Instead, it appeared, putting in disarray the geography around it. In particular, the path to the Undead Settlement was blocked. It was at this time that messengers from Lothric went to the Undead Settlement bearing their homeland’s banner, with a specific purpose. Lothric seems to be isolated from the world around it, since even its messengers had no way to go back to the capital. Many tried to force their way into Lothric: from the Undead Settlement, thieves scale the wall to loot the city, and the main gate is bent inward, possibly indicating that a battering ram was used at some point to force it open, though they were unsuccessful.

It seemingly resembles The Undead Burg of Dark Souls.


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Hollow trees Statue of Prince Lothric
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