Henryk, the Old Hunter


Henryk is an old hunter who was once partners with Father Gascoigne, and although they were a fierce and gallant duo, their partnership led to Henryk's tragically long life. It is unclear why Henryk's life is considered tragically long, but it may be linked to his relationship to Gascoigne and Gascoigne's family. The Young Girl, Gascoigne and Viola's daughter, mentions that she loves you almost as much as her mum, dad and granddad. Her granddad is never met in the game, but considering how long Henryk has lived, and his close partnership to Gascoigne, the young girl may have considered him to be her 'granddad' whether or not he was related by blood. If this was the case it may be that Henryk's longevity was so tragic because during the events of the game he had to endure seeing his partner Gascoigne, Gascoigne's wife Viola and their young daughters be murdered or killed. Alternatively, it is perhaps more likely that Henryk's tragically long life is indeed so tragic, because the life of a hunter is a truly terrible thing to endure. Watching all those around you become beasts that you must put down, all the time knowing that it is your own fate, must certainly be a difficult thing to endure even for a short amount of time. But Henryk's life was long, and he must have seen much of this.


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