Heide's Tower of Flame


These are the remnants of a lost civilization which sank into the sea so long ago that nobody remembers whether Heide was the name of the kingdom or was simply what the continent was called in those days. The Way of Blue was founded in ancient Heide and is still headquartered in the Cathedral of Blue. It is possible that the nearby Cathedral was built for worshiping Flame God Flann, which also explains why this area is called the Tower of Flame.

The Tower of Flame looms over the sea in stark defiance of the natural forces which leveled the rest of Heide. Firelight from its gallery dances and flickers in the sky. Though its original purpose has been lost to the flow of time, the Tower now serves both as a lighthouse warning passing ships away from danger and a beacon guiding those who seek the Blue Sentinels.

The foes encountered here are:

  • Old Knight: These giant warriors are relics of an era that has long passed. Whether they attack you out of madness or merely as a trial for would-be Knights of the Blue will matter little if they manage to cut you down, though, so stay alert. If you do intend to enlist as a Knight of the Blue, you'll require the power of the Cracked Blue Eye Orbs they hold, so consider this your rite of initiation.
  • Dragonrider: The Dragonriders are renowned as faithful servants of King Vendrick. Dragonriders rode onto the field of battle mounted on wyrms, but this was a hard-earned privilege. The training of the Dragonriders was arduous and fraught with peril. Only the best of the best oculd complete the training and join this elite unit of Vendrick's troops. Those who failed in this training were torn apart by the very wyrms they sought to command.


The founders of Heide were inspired by Anor Londo.



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