Harvest Valley


The name "Harvest Valley" might make you think of large fields of nice healthy grains, but nothing could be farther from the truth. There are huge spreads of poison stretching out from the large windmill at Earthen Peak. The workers here seem to be "harvesting" ores. Do they still serve the Old Iron King, or is there a new master?

Stone Trader Chloanne and Lonesome Gavlan appear in this area. The Sunlight Altar can also be found here.

The valley is accessed via Huntsman's Copse.

The foes encountered here are:

  • Skeleton: The skeletons in this region are of unknown origins. They could be former subjects of the Iron King who were worked to death in the poisonous mines or poor Souls who wandered in more recently. Regardless, whether it was the massive Pools of Poison or the giant monsters overseeing the Laborers, something killed these poor fools…
  • Mounted Overseer: From atop gigantic monstrosities capable of exerting tremendous amount of dark power, weak overseers watch over the Laborers of Harvest Valley. The mounts have as much in common with demonic steeds as anything else humanoid.
  • Undead Steelworker: These brutish characters may have once worked for the Iron King in the construction of the many weapons and armors that he required, but now they are as Hollowed as the Laborers who slave away in the mines. There is a difference, however: Strength. The Steelworkers have huge hammers whereas the common laborers merely flail about with their arms.


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