Grave Warden Agdayne


Agdayne is a Fenito. He watches over the Undead Crypt after being told to do so by the 'first one to give us Death.'

The Fenito were created by Nito or a reincarnation of his soul to watch over the Undead Crypt and ensure that it is used properly. He and his fellow Fenito Grave Wardens are the guardians of the Undead Crypt. They carry out their task so zealously that they remember every being they have buried in the crypt in detail. They are indiscriminate in who they bury and have buried all manner of beings in all walks of life.

The purpose of the Undead Crypt is to give rest to the Undead, who outside of it cannot find rest. If inside the Undead Crypt, the now mindless hollows will be able to stay calm below the ground and not be agitated by the light, therefore providing a form of ‘death’. Agdayne has existed for a long time to ensure that this process is carried out and has dedicated his existence to it. He and Gravelord Nito seemingly have the same goal, which is to bring absolute death to the Undead. We read in Nito’s Lord Soul that much of its power has been spent in death, the nature of which is never explained, but as the one who gave the first death it could be concluded that Nito was the first one to find a way to end an undead’s life.

Agdayne understands the state of the Undead, seemingly better than any other NPC in the game.

The Fenito is a play on words which makes use of the Spanish word 'finitio' which translates to “finished”. Agdayne and his Fenito are there to finish the lives of the Undead in a place that allows them to truly rest.

The Fenito once resided alongside the Leydia Apostles and Witches in harmony to guard the Undead Crypt. The Leydia Witches were adept at all forms of magic, and imbued their catalysts with special magic that allowed them to channel miracles, sorceries and hexes. While the Witches were skillful at these forms of magic, the Apostles were primarily skilled at pyromancy though they were also able to channel other forms of magic. The Witches were worshipers of Galib, God of Disease. After some time they grew conceited and began to manipulate both the onset and curing of diseases. This effectively made them the gatekeepers of the crypt, because it seems that they were forcing death or the respite from death upon those who came to the Crypt. This invoked the ire of the Fenito who believed that they failed to treat death with the proper respect. The Fenito seem to believe that death should take a more ‘natural’ course. Agdayne will comment to you that “we will meet again, eventually”, implying that once you have died or decided to die you will come to the Undead Crypt, as opposed to him forcing it upon you. As punishment the Witches and Apostles were branded as transgressors, deemed blasphemous, hunted down as traitors and slaughtered. Like the band of clerics spoken of in the Insolent and Imperious Sets, these Witches and Apostles were denied peaceful deaths and made to serve as sentries of the Crypt. From this we can see that the Fenito have often been the aggressors throughout the history of the Crypt, and in their hands they believe they hold the judgement of all living beings.

It is interesting to note the similarities in appearance between the Leydia Witches and the Fenito. The Fenito all appear to be male and the Leydia all female, so it may be that they were once the same race and the Witches simply the female versions of the Fenito. But this is simply speculation.

In ages past the Undead Crypt was assailed by groups of Clerics, most probably seeking to awaken the slumbering Undead, perhaps in some misguided attempt at helping them. But the party that we know of called the Insolent, and those before it, were all defeated by the Guardians of the Crypt; the Fenito (and Leydia Witches and Apostles). As atonement for their crimes, their now hollowed corpses were ordered to guard the crypt as sentries and their body’s denied rest. The Insolent Set explains that the Clerics once held venerated positions prior to attempting to conquer the Undead Crypt. Perhaps this explains why the Clerics of Drangleic were kept at an arm’s length from the Royal Family, and only given positions of superficial power as a nod to tradition.

The Undead Crypt is a truly ancient place. There are 3 spells that are only preserved in the Undead Crypt. These are: Warmth, Soul Appease, and Soul Vortex. We can see that they range from pyromancy to sorcery to miracles. Soul Appease seems to truly fulfill the purpose of the Undead Crypt, as it brings to an end the lives of the Undead who are affected by it.

These events are of importance to Agdayne because they give us a view into his character, as it can be assumed that Agdayne has always been the leader of the Fenito and shaped their decisions. This is most likely because he holds the Darkdrift, a sword wielded by the one who gave us the first death, who was also the one that granted Agdayne his task of weaving death and watching over the dead.

Agdayne holds the Darkdrift katana, but in combat he wields the Crypt Blacksword with a unique moveset. This sword is made from the soul of Gravelord Nito (Old Dead One Soul) and symbolizes guardianship over the Undead Crypt. It has never seen the light of day, and is steeped in dark.


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