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Little is known about the Giants. After the First Scourge of Boletaria ended, their elder was given an archstone. They are depicted on the archstone as humanoid with four horns protruding from their head. While the other 5 archstones are intact in the Nexus, the Giants' archstone is black and smashed indicating some great calamity must have happened there. The prologue dialogue makes no mention of this calamity but images shown during it feature knights battling 3 different types of giants ranging in size from Vanguard-sized to 500 foot tall behemoths. The Demon giants appear to grow larger in size as they absorbed the souls of more humans. It is speculated that the first battle of the Second Scourge occurred in the Northern lands (as depicted in the prologue) and when that campaign failed they attempted to stop the spread of the Deep Fog by smashing the archstone. Another possibility is that the land had been completely drained by the Deep Fog and when it had no more souls to give, the land crumbled to dust and with it the Archstone.


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