Towering above the player, the race of giants is scattered throughout Lordran.

Three giants can be found in Sen's Fortress, each with a different role: gatekeeper, boulder thrower, and firebomb thrower.

In Anor Londo, an army of giants stand guard as Sentinels, ready to protect the sacred city if provoked.

There is also a friendly Giant Blacksmith which forges the weapons of the gods, and those born of powerful souls. He also sells and possibly forged the weapons and armor of the Sentinels as well.

Hawkeye Gough is a Giant which is one of Gwyn's Four Knights.

Lastly there are undead giant skeletons that roam the graveyards and dark areas of Lordran. They are very strong and present a major threat in narrow places like The Catacombs and the Tomb of Giants. One of these giants guards the Darkmoon Seance Ring.


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