Giant Lord


The Giant Lord is the King of the Giants. Following the council of Nashandra and in an effort to subjugate the Giants, and claim their powerful souls for his own, King Vendrick crossed the northern seas, took some Giants prisoner and brought them back to his castle clapped in irons,. King Vendrick studied the souls of these captured Giants. He used them to construct golems, and gave them to his brother Lord Aldia to further his research into overcoming the curse. In retaliation for this misguided barbarism, the King of Giants crossed the seas and conquered Drangleic, bringing wrack and ruin to the entire kingdom.

The Giant Lord was felled by an unknown warrior (the Player character). His beaten and broken remains were then dragged beneath the Great Fort stronghold, where he was bound and sealed away in chains. Many seasons came and went and the Giant Lord prepared for his final rest, when the Giants fell, they grew into great trees. But this was not the Giant Lord’s fate, his soul remained magnificent, a testament to his former strength. When the unknown warrior returned to his prison after all those seasons, the Giant Lord recognized his former foe. Though his soul and strength had diminished, his will of steel did not allow him to forgive the misdeeds of this unknown warrior, a singular rage had burned within his heart for too long.

From the Souls of Giants we see that the Giant souls are different to that of other creatures. There is a balance in their composition between light and dark. Many of the souls we encounter are either composed of pure light, some that burn very brightly (like the souls of kings) or composed of almost pure dark (with a faint husk of light in the middle), and some that burn very darkly (like the souls of queens of dark). By comparison, the Giant’s souls are more harmonious in design. It is perhaps this balance of humors that inspired their study. When the Giants fell, they did not die, instead they became part of the great cycle of regeneration. In a sense they seem eternal, and perhaps they were able to break the cycle of the Undead curse. These thoughts may have passed through Vendrick’s head when he first captured the Giants, but we know that his countenance could be seen to grow darker with each passing day after his modest victory over the Giants, indicating the Giants did not provide the solution Vendrick had hoped for, despite bringing him great power and prosperity.

The Giant Lord drops the Giant’s Kinship. Kinship indicates a blood relationship or the sharing of characteristics or origins. It allows the Player to automate the Golems and bridge the Abyss surrounding the Throne of Want. We know that the Golems were created with the souls of the Giants, so perhaps these golems only respond to those who are akin to the Giants. The Throne itself has a seat for something much larger than a human, the size of a Giant.


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