He is a friend of Sage Freke and known throughout the land as a crafter of magical items. Most of the rings which offer protection from the various dangers (such as disease, fire, and bleeding) were crafted by him. The player's light source, the augite of souls which hangs on their belt, was also crafted by Geri and will change colors depending on the type of souls in the area. It is believed that Geri's workshop is likely beyond the Deep Fog otherwise the player would not have been able to acquire the augite.

If Geri is of similar age to Freke, it is possible that over his life he has crafted so many items that they have spread beyond Boletaria, in which case his shop could have been in Boletaria. Since Freke resided in Latria before the scourge and he has in his cell a keepsake of Geri (his stiletto), his workshop may have been in Latria. Geri may be dead and his corpse somewhere in the dungeon.

In Norse mythology Freki and Geri, known as the "Ravenous Ones," were wolves who always accompanied the supreme Viking god Odin into battle. At the conclusion of the fighting, the hounds were known to roam the battlefield to greedily devour the corpses of the fallen.


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