Gefn, the mother of humanity, as referred to by Bataran in the intro cutscene, is a wise and ancient woman. The player encounters her within the Annex of Light. She is a large mermaid-like creature which has the tail of a whale. It is assumed that all pools she is encountered within are connected, including within The Gnaw, near the Palace of Lathyrus and after the Ukkoto boss encounter.

Gefn gave birth to humanity or Man during the Third Age, which made it the Age of Man.

Gefn lost faith in her children when Lathyrus fell; however the player restores her faith by bringing her the Twin Heart of Lathyrus.

After the defeat of Ukkoto, she instructs the player to find Amiren and recover the pieces of the Heart of Lathyrus to protect The Ashen from the Elder Dark which is later used in the Awakening Ritual.


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