Freke's Apprentice


The Apprentice is adorned in wizard's clothes and attacks with a variety of basic spells.

Like the Acolyte of God, Freke's Apprentice pleads for others to rescue his master, Sage Freke, from Demon captivity. He is a rude magician who only agrees to teach the player magic (if your skill is high enough) so that he does not have to go into battle himself. It is implied through conversation that he gave up before making even a half-hearted attempt to rescue Freke from the dungeons of Latria and instead has recruited others warriors to attempt the rescue. He is momentarily grateful once the player has rescued Sage Freke then insults the player whenever they talk to him again. Also, if you kill Sage Freke in the Nexus, the Apprentice will become hostile and attack you.

An apprentice is defined as one who forms an agreement with a master to serve them for a certain length of time in exchange for learning the master's trade.


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