Forest of Fallen Giants


In the middle of this forest lies a rundown fort that was severely damaged during the war with the Giants. The soldiers tasked with defending this fort succumbed to the curse of the undead and hollowed long ago, but they remain a threat to any who would seek to uncover the fortes secrets. And the undead that protect this fort are not the only threat…

It seems that the trees of the forest really are the remains of the Giants from long ago.

The foes encountered here include:

  • Hollow Infantry: These common infantrymen were soldiers for the kingdom of Drangleic prior to being overcome by the curse of the undead. Unlike Royal soldiers and elite troops, the equipment issued to the infantry is invariably basic and inexpensive. Now Holllow, they continue to defend their homeland from perceived threats despite their enfeebled condition.
  • Hollow Soldier: Now hollowed, these were once Royal soldiers of the Drangleic kingdom. Their equipment was constructed by the Royal blacksmith from high quality materials, but now it is falling apart. They continue to defend the kingdom loyally.
  • Old Ironclad Soldier: Originally, ironclad soldiers were minions created by the Old Iron King with an enchantment of souls. The enchantment is long gone and the iron husk that remains is quite decrepit. The soldiers who don this armor now never speak, and no one has seen their faces. Could it be that King Vendrick of Drangleic revived these ancient creations, or perhaps he produced war golems of his own?
  • Flame Salamander: These mysterious creatures serve an unknown purpose, but they are locked within the soldiers' fort behind a door older than the kingdom of Drangleic itself. Their fiery presence seems to alter the very environment itself.
  • The Last Giant: A large and ancient giant. Many seasons had come and gone, and the giant prepared for his final rest. But his soul remained magnificent, testimony to his former strength.


Why the Hollow soldiers look upward.


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