Fool's Idol


The boss of the Tower of Latria.

A life-size, animated doll created in the image of the deceased Queen of Latria. It has the power to create copies of itself, paralyze the player, and cast a more powerful version of the spell Soul Ray.

The Fool's Idol is an artificial doll crafted in the Queen's image and controlled by the Old Monk. Its purpose is to deceive the prisoners into thinking the Queen is still alive. The belief that the Queen was alive gave the prisoners hope, quieted any insurrections, and lured prisoners to the church in order to worship the Fool's Idol and seek redemption from her. The act of "redemption" meant being taken above by gargoyles, up the tower in the church. Taken to the womb below the Old Monk's tower, the prisoners' souls would be stolen and their flesh twisted in the Old Monk's experiments to create new Demons.

The Queen was a gifted sorceress and it is likely much of her soul was used in the creation of the Fool's Idol, as the Doll has a mastery of many magic's. The Fool's Idol has the capability to cast Soul Arrow and Soul Ray, and can create many copies of itself to confuse the player. It can also temporarily paralyze the player, a form of the Octopus-headed Guard's magic, which leads to a "which came first, chicken or egg discussion." Did the Octopus-headed guards gain this paralyzing spell from the soul of the dead Queen or did the guards possess the knowledge. If the Coherent Mage Prisoner in the balcony of the church is not killed before facing the Fool's Idol he will resurrect the Demon as soon as it is slain.

The stained glass window in the church would seem to imply that Queen was an object of worship even before the Old Monk returned to Latria, though it is possible the church was built / altered after the Second Scourge began. It is believed that the Queen and those locked in the dungeon are of the Yormedar royal line as many of its treasures and emblems are spread throughout Latria. From the Fool's Idol Doll Demon Soul the spell soul ray, the Queen's improvement of the spell soul arrow, is crafted.


The Old Monk's Puppet


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