Felkin, the Outcast


Felkin is a sorcerer and hexer. He sits silently in a chair staring at a rock wall.

He appears to be a human (not undead - as he does not associate himself with the Undead or Hollow: "All that are left… Are either Undead or Hollow… Save a few misfits like myself…hah hah.") who came to Drangleic because Dark runs deeper there than anywhere else. He was originally a student at the Melfian Magic Academy, but the teaching he received on Sorcery and Pyromancy did not appeal to him. Perhaps they were beyond his grasp, or more likely, they did not teach him what he was truly interested to know.

He was drawn to studying the Dark because it felt familiar to him, almost nostalgic. This led him to realize the Dark is within everyone.

Felkin seems to believe that the Dark is a sentient force and therefore has a will of its own.


Felkin came to Drangleic at the behest of Aldia.




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