Fat Officials


Fat, grinning, cackling ministers of the King wear a top hat, a ruff around their neck, and a gilded tunic. Various keys and implements of torture can be spotted on their belt. They brandish a whip or a massive crescent axe and will occasionally cast fire spells.

Despite their bloated appearance they are invigorated with the power of Demon Souls which allows them to conjure powerful fire magic and wield massive axes. Even though the Ministers hold great power they will often hide behind soldiers, archers, and knights and let them attack the player on their behalf. A Minister's Cap is a symbol of their elevated position and authority.


After the Second Scourge began, the Ministers gleefully abused the civilian population in Boletaria, including the witch Yuria who was captured by Executioner Miralda. One also patrols outside the cell of Biorr. The Ministers arrival just before the scourge as well as their placement in at least 3 of the 5 visited lands of Boletaria (the Palace, Stonefang Tunnel, and one imprisoned Lord Rydell in the tower of Latria) would seem to imply that the Officials may be the true architects of Boletaria's downfall by encouraging King Allant to awaken the Old One. The boss Penetrator (corrupted form of Metas, knight of the Lance) stabs and kills one of the Ministers which would seem to support that theory, or at the very least that there was great animosity between the Ministers and Allant's round table of knights.

Stonefang Tunnel

There are Fat Ministers in Stonefang to supervise the mining of ore which is used in the forging of weapons and armor for the Boletarian knights. The officials brandish whips to "motivate" the miners. In addition to overseeing operations, the Ministers are tasked with blocking outsiders from gaining entry to the mine nor accessing the riches hidden in the lower Tunnel City.

Tower of Latria

Though they are no longer present, the Ministers appear to have taken part in the siege of Latria. Lord Rydell speaks of a retainer to the King with "gluttonous, swaying belly", one of the Ministers, who imprisoned Rydell's soul form in a cell and left him to succumb to soul-starvation. Perhaps it was that Fat Minister, and not the Old Monk, which used magic to prevent Rydell's soul from escaping the dungeon. The Ministers likely had a hand in killing Rydell's body form as well.


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