Executioner's Chariot


Located in the Undead Purgatory, the Executioner has slain countless Undead, and continues to slay them again and again, eternally. Little does he know that it is not by his own will that he slays the Undead, but that of his horse.

The Executioner was created only to torment and inflict merciless agony with utter impunity upon the Undead by the Old Iron King or one of his subjects. When the Chariot was created it took the form of a horrendous mad steed. This mad steed is the one controlling the chariot, though the now hollow Executioner sits atop it. The form this steed took was a window into the soul of its master, who may have been the Old Iron King. During the reign of the Old Iron King, he led his best men on hunts for the Undead in Huntman’s Copse. Those who were caught were rounded up and thrown into cells. Some were taken to the Undead Purgatory where they would be endlessly tortured. The name of the place implies that it was to cleanse them of their Undead curse. The more likely reason is that the Old Iron King did not care to try and find a cure for the unfortunate souls, though he may have been able to with his great soul.

Necromancers were put into the Undead Purgatory in order to resurrect the Undead so that they could be endlessly tortured. Eventually these necromancers went hollow themselves, but continue in their old ritual.


Title of theory.


Executioner's Chariot Soul
The Chariot was created only to torment Undead,
and it took the form of a horrendous mad steed,
a window into the soul of its master.

Chariot Lance
Lance forged from the soul of
the Executioner's Chariot.
Its cross-shaped blade causes bleeding.

The perverse design of this spear mirrors
the chariot from which it came, a merciless
creation that endlessly tortured Undead.

Shield Crossbow
Crossbow created from the soul
of the Executioner's Chariot.
Iron plate serves as a shield while firing.

The merciless chariot inflicted agony upon
others with utter impunity, and the crossbow
created from its soul strives to protect
from possible retribution.


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