Executioner Miralda


Miralda is King Allant's executioner. She wears a hood, Binded Cross Armor, and wields a guillotine axe. She can be found by obtaining pure black or white world tendency and entering the execution grounds on the left side near the beginning of the first area of the Boletarian Palace.

The bloodthirsty executioner is the only named NPC to be immediately hostile to the player in pure black world tendency AND pure white world tendency. Before the scourge, she was known throughout Boletaria for her lunacy and beautiful voice. She appears fully covered head to toe with scrap of black leather and wields an axe especially designed to decapitate foes in one strike. She commands the black phantoms of those poor souls she has executed and they protect the execution grounds. She is quite powerful, defeating and imprisoning the witch Yuria, and may have killed Vallarfax as a set of brushwood armor is found at the base of her tower.


Miralda's Name


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