Eleum Loyce


The old Chaos, which is sheltered in Eleum Loyce, still hungers. This cursed land is now barren. It gave birth to atrocities, and the people fled in fear. Then the Ivory King came. With his soul, he built Eleum Loyce and contained the spread of Chaos, but the king gave his soul to sate the Chaos. Thus, the King was drained of vigor, and plunged into the Chaos's heart. At that point, Eleum Loyce was frozen in time. Many of Eleum Loyce's faithful knights followed their Lord into the Chaos. But none of them returned. The King's dutiful subjects waited patiently for His homecoming. But it was too long a wait to bear. The knights of Eleum Loyce await a new leader. One who will guide them into Chaos.

Alsanna remains, to contain the Chaos and honor her Lord's wishes. Not much else is left, except the "accursed flame".


Title of theory.


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