Earthen Peak


Deep within the Earthen Peak lives the Baneful Queen, but the path to face her is fraught with peril. Puppet assassins, captive sorceresses, and the ever-present poison are just the beginning of your worries here. The giant, wooden blades of the windmill are ever-turning, and they fuel a clockwork pumping device that extracts the poison of the mines and delivers it to the Queen.

A few NPCs show up here: Lucatiel of Mirrah, Laddersmith Gilligan, and Mild-Mannered Pate.


Harvest Valley
Iron Keep

The foes encountered here are:

  • Poison Horn Beetle: Are these beetles the source of the poison that fills the earth below the mines, or are they merely the only insect that can survive in these conditions? Either way, they suit the Queen's tastes perfectly.
  • Manikin: These advanced puppets were given life by the Baneful Queen, and she uses them to lure unsuspecting fools into her traps. Once upon a time, the Manikins had heads, but the Queen ripped off their faces in a fit of rage. Watch yourself, or yours will be next.
  • Grave Warden: Grave Wardens are charged with watching over the Undead Crypt. They are soaked and permeated with the power of darkness, and they will use that power to fulfill their duty as guardians of the crypt. Be you brave kngith or depraved slave, those who disturb the Crypt will be hunted down. Only… why are these Wardens so far from the Crypt they are sworn to protect?
  • Desert Sorceress: The desert Sorceresses of Jugo project a very seductive image, and they use their looks to deceive others. In reality, even many who realized that this a trap fell prey to the Sorceresses' wiles. Perhaps they are part of Mytha's scheme to lure more victims into her web?
  • Mimic: Long ago, there was a clan that was exiled for their avarice. In their exile, they were branded with a symbol of greed, and with it a curse. But, truly, suffering leads to great power, and the clan walks the earth still.
  • Crescent Sickle Phantom (Dark Spirit): Though the Crescent Sickle phantom's true identity is unknown, he does don the garb of a common brigand. But any brigand who would seek to steal from travelers in this treacherous den is probably after more than coins…
  • Covetous Demon: This monster was once a man; a man whose love was unrequited. He expressed his desire by eating, and eventually transformed intot he Covetous Demon. Is it from sick sense of love that it remains by the Queen's side? And why does the Queen permit and indulge this fiend's gluttony? Perhaps she wishes only to be desired.
  • Mytha, The Baneful Queen: Once, long ago, Mytha was the fairest queen in all the land. Throughout the two kingdoms, none was more beautiful. Ever seeking the attentions of the King, she willingly poisoned herself in her eternal search for true beauty; she ultimately transformed into the monster that lies before you. What passion fueled this change? Or is it the natural effect of the poison dredged up from the depths of the earth?


Why Mytha took the Manikins' heads.



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