Dregling Merchant


While most residents of the Boletarian Castle were killed, fled, or became soul-starved; the Dregling Merchant remained in hiding, venturing out stealthily to pick valuable items off the corpses of residents and warriors to trade for souls to would-be Demon slayers traveling through the castle.

Only one dregling has managed to maintain his sanity from a steady stream of Demon Souls, acquired by trading items he scavenges from corpses to Demon slayers passing through the castle. As he is one of the few characters who was sane and escaped capture or death during the entirety of the scourge, he has a wealth of first-hand information about the current situation in Boletaria.

He can be found hiding in Boletarian Palace: behind a barricade in the first area, at the northern end inside the bridge in the second area, and in the small house with the red-eyed knights near the locked gate in the third area.


Title of theory.


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