Drangleic Castle


Perched upon a mountaintop, this castle was the abode of King Vendrick and Queen Nashandra. You must pass through the Shrine of Winter to reach the castle. Through the castle, you can also access King's Passage and the Throne of Want.

The foes encountered here are:

  • Stone Soldier: Originally human soldiers under the command of Sir Velstadt and tasked with the defense of Drangleic Castle. When Velstadt departed the castle with King Vendrick his soldiers loyally remained at their posts, but their commander never returned, and eventually so much time passed that the soldiers turned to stone.
  • Royal Guard: High-ranking Drangleic knights whose weapons and armor are modeled after those borne by Sir Syan, one of King Vendrick's bravest military leaders. Sir Syan met a dishonorable end on the battlefield during the war with the Giants. Shortly thereafter, all of the knights who had been issued replicas of his armor went insane after putting them on.
  • Primal Knight: A healthy, living Primal Knight. These peculiar but unquestionably mighty creatures were recreated by King Vendrick through a long-lost forbidden ritual most likely rediscovered by Lord Aldia; they have been used as guards at Drangleic Castle ever since their revival. The existence of Undead Primal Knights suggests that they are susceptible to the Curse and leads one to wonder if these monstrous beasts were themselves once human…
  • Nameless Usurper (Dark Spirit): A mysterious woman clad in the robes of a Lindelt cleric. Her enigmatic appearance and her presence in Drangleic Castle leave more questions than answers…
  • Dual Dragonriders: A pair of Dranleic's elite mounted fighting units, serving as gatekeepers of the King's Passage. They watch over the entrance and challenge all who seek entrance to the proving ground beyond.
  • Looking Glass Knight: King Vendrick's lieutenant, charged with testing the prowess of those who seek to serve in Drangleic's order of royal knights. Ever dedicated to his duty, he continues to await challengers at the end of the King's Passage long after Vendrick's disappearance and the kigndom's subsequent collapse. Those who fail the test are remorselessly slaughtered by this enigmatic knight whose face lies hidden behind a cold metal mask.


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