Dragon's Sanctum

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The Sunken King erected the Eternal Sanctum to shelter Sinh the Dragon. The Sanctum appears to be a solemn temple, but it is filled with devilish creatures that ensure no trespasser shall cause offense. It was home to a race that discovered a dragon, worshipped its magnificence,
and perished by its side.

Sanctum Soldiers constituted the main military force which served under the rule of the Sunken King in a long forgotten kingdom from eons past. Their once high quality equipment has been twisted and warped by the toxic miasma ejected from Sinh the Slumbering dragon, whilst their flesh and bones have rotted and degraded over the course of countless years of hollowing. These once proud defenders of a magnificent kingdom have now been reduced to almost mindless sentries of a crumbling ruin but; even still, their loyalty to defend has not wavered and they will not tolerate perceived threats to their land.


Dragon's Rest
Shulva, Sanctum City


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